The government plans to reduce human interface and use technology for issuing driving license.

“Computer and camera will be used during the driving license test. No official will be responsible for granting driving license,” transport minister Nitin Gadkari said in the Lok Sabha on Monday, adding that obtaining driving license will become simpler.
The government plans to reduce human interface and use technology for issuing driving license, a move that will curb corruption and reduce number of road accidents in the country.
The government’s intent to implement such rules for obtaining driving license can become a reality after the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2019 is passed by the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.
Computerization of licenses is expected to weed out multiple licenses. Gadkari said that 30% driving licenses in the country are bogus and the provisions in the proposed bill will minimize the possibilities of fake licenses.
“The provision of online license, online identity verification and online register (in the motor vehicles bill) will stop the menace of fake licenses,” the minister said. He also said that the process of obtaining driving license in other countries is much more difficult.
As far as renewal of license is concerned, window of one year instead of a month will be given in order to apply for a renewal, he said.
The proposed Motor Vehicles Bill aims to address key crucial issues such as road safety and intends to impose stiff penalties for violation of rules, strengthening the public transport system in the country. As many as 146,000 people died in road accidents in India in 2015, according to the road transport and highways ministry. About 300,000 people were injured in road accidents in the same year.