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The Male Period: Because It’s a Real Thing

Does your man sometimes get irritated and aggressive way too easily? Does he get all moody and crave for chocolates or some other food.  Well, understand maybe it’s his that time of the month. Yes, you read it right! Not only females but males too have menstrual cycles. They do experience PMS as women due to their monthly hormonal cycle.

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What Is IMS,?

According to a study, every one out of four men gets their menstruation. Of course, they don’t bleed like women but the symptoms are almost similar in both men and women periods. The symptoms are, men get cramps too, and they are always irritated by everything or feel tired all the time. The most prominent features of this hormonal cycle are sometimes also called as “Irritable Male Syndrome” or IMS.


The irritable male syndrome is a state of emotional and behavioral symptoms such as hypersensitivity, anxiety, frustration that occurs in males and associated with hormonal fluctuations and stress.  The male PMS does not have a fix monthly occurrence as it happens in women but it may follow a rhythm of stress but not a predictable monthly pattern.

The research also states that a percentage of women have agreed upon their partners having IMS and men have also accepted that they go through monthly hormonal cycle.

While it is easy to poke fun or dismiss it, IMS is a real problem faced by many men today. Unlike the primal man, men today cannot simply attack their predator or escape. Attempts to do such in our domesticated society is what causes the problems associated with IMS. But, IMS does not have to take over your life. By taking the steps necessary, IMS can be just another life cycle necessary, yet another monthly gift.