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Shape of your lips tells you about your personality ..Know here

Lips play a crucial role in human’s life. A tiny gesture of your lips communicates more than what a thousand words can. You bite your lip in a certain monotonous way, and it’s obvious you are nervous. You bite in another way; we know you are feeling seductive. And then, there are a variety of smiles – one when you are shying, another when you are sarcastic, yet another formal one, and that one when you want to fake it.

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Science has discovered that depending on the structure of your lips, mouth size, fullness, margins and contours of the lips defines a lot about your personality. Today, we will tell you what your lips say about you.

1 Thin Lip

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People with thin lips are kind of a person who likes to be alone. People may find them very funny. They easily don’t get attached to someone. Getting into relationship is really not their thing. You can spend hours with yourself and still won’t get bored or feel lonely.

2 Thin upper lip and thick lower lip

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People with thin upper lip and thick lower lip are very friendly by nature. They are a great foodie and love to communicate with other people. They are someone who likes to be pampered. They might prefer to deal with something concrete and stable.

3 Thick upper lip and thin lower lip

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People who have thick upper lip and thin lower lip are a kind of kind of persons with strong emotions and they have a hard time dealing with material things. If you have naturally fuller upper lips it means you are a giving person and are more concerned about the needs of the other person.

4 Lips with rounded Cupid’s bow

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People who have this kind of lips shape tends to mean the person is a good communicator. It also shows that they are quick-minded and very creative. Because they’re so quick-minded, they can also be highly reactive and often not think before speaking, whether what they’re saying is kind or mean-spirited.

5 Balanced Lips

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People with balanced lips shows they are a person of balanced character. They are very patient and a good adviser. They are very concerned about others first. They always want to be surrounded by good friends and they also value relationships.